, free crypting service is a free service for encrypting and decrypting your pictures.
With, you can "hide" information in a picture.

Why should I encrypt my data?
  1. Encrypt data for safety reasons: password list, secret notes, safe's code, bank account number, etc. Hide those confidential elements where no-one would think about searching them: in a picture!
  2. Encrypt data for fun: send pictures to your friends or lover and hide a secret message inside!
  3. Encrypt data for better memory: hide details about the picture inside of it! Date, place, circumstances about the picture can be hidden inside it.

How much data can I hide in a single picture?
The amount of data to be hidden in a single picture depends on the picture and its size. You can hide up to 100.000 characters in a picture! That is about 300 pages of a standard book!

How safe is it?
It is perfectly safe! stores your data for 24 hours, time for you to download it, then removes it permanently. Moreover, if you have downloaded your data, you can delete the files from our servers instantly and insure your data's confidentiality!
To decrypt your picture, you will need the file as well as your password: there is no better safety for your sensitive information! Who would think about searching in your pictures ?

Is it free? is completely free to use! Get your confidential and sensitive information protected the easy way!

How to start?
Click on the button below and start protecting your sensitive information. Give it a try, it is free!